Confessions of a Male Prostitute
"I am a bit speechless. This is exemplary work...revealing much sensitivity and intelligence. The actors were absolutely first-rate and directed with skill, precision and naturalism… I actually could have hung in there with [these] characters for another hour or so. I am really most impressed with by the writing more than anything else – an economy of words, a wealth of style, an almost minimal thrust in dialogue but with maximum believability. [Brian Scott Mednick] has obvious talent... This short film is so good I would be very keen to see what [Mednick comes] up with in the next few years." - Rex Reed, 6/17/92

Drinking Games...and Other Stories
A trailer for my book Drinking Games...and Other Stories.

Gene Wilder: Funny and Sad
A brief promo for my biography of Gene Wilder.

Puzo in Pictures: Remembering Billy Puzo
A tribute to Billy Puzo, a gifted scenic artist and dear friend, who left us way too soon.

Puzo in Pictures - Part II
Another look back at the life and career of Billy Puzo, a wonderful friend who is still deeply missed by all those who knew and loved him.

Love Sydney: A Tribute to Sydney Pollack
Few people in Hollywood have had such a reputation as Sydney Pollack. He was a gifted actor, director, and producer. And a nice man - no one had anything bad to say about him. In an industry of inflated egos and backstabbing, his life and career had a definite absence of malice. He left us too soon and will be missed.

Remembering Gilda: Gilda Radner 1946 - 1989
A tribute to the great Gilda Radner, arguably the funniest comedienne of all-time, who died way too young but left behind a legacy of laughter. Set to Gilda herself singing "Honey (Touch Me With My Clothes On)" from Gilda Live.

Pure Imagination: The Life and Art of Gene Wilder
The great Gene Wilder in pictures to the tune of Wilder himself singing "Pure Imagination."